We are the LightReaders :  

  Tom, Claudia, Marilee and Susan. 
 We have been blessed with gifts and talents in the performing arts, and our name comes from our mission, which is to use our gifts and talents in music and story telling to let God's light shine through us to others.
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     One of our inspirations when we began the LightReaders’ ministry 14 years ago was the words of Jeffery Frame. “We do not desire the applause of men, but the genuine Spirit called sharing of the Gospel of Christ through the power of the Word enacted. We recognize that as the message is transformed from the page to the stage we experience something wonderfully incarnational that refocuses our hearts and our minds more keenly on the Word.”
    With this in mind we have presented hundreds of programs of Christian music and drama all over southwest Ohio. We’ve been to churches, Grandmother’s clubs, Rotary, nursing homes, banquets and luncheons.  
    While it has been our joy to serve the Audience of One in this way, we will no longer be available for full-length presentations. This includes the upcoming Christmas season. 
    As long as the website is up, you may contact us via our email – lightreaders@gmail.com. But our phone number is no longer available.
    Serving through drama and music is something we could never give up, so we will continue to use our gifts and talents on a smaller scale, mainly at our home church or at nursing homes. We will also continue to mentor other actors in hopes of “passing on the baton.”  
    We want to thank every church and organization that has supported us. We have loved and will continue to love each and every one of them! For the last 14 years every word we have said and every song we have sung we did For the Glory of the Lord. 
    We give our thanks, praise and worship to our God.
    And we thank you for sharing the last 14 years with us.
LightReaders announce our final season.