LightReaders present for Spring/Summer/Fall - 2017:

    Are you sometimes down in the dumps? Do you have questions like how, what, when, where, and the most important one why? Do you sometimes think you are all alone in this world?
    The Bible is full of stories about people who searched for God when they were at their weakest, and through Him they were made strong - David, Moses, Esther, Ruth, the blind man, even the disciple Peter. You are no less a child of God than these ones were!
    God promises that you are never alone. Whether you call it the Holy Spirit or your Guardian Angel or your Answer to Prayer, the Lord holds you in His hands and with Him you will find JOY IN THE LORD!

FIND JOY IN THE LORD! lasts about 30 minutes with uplifting stories and music suitable for all ages and in any place where "two or more are gathered."

Contact us through the contact page on this website to arrange for a visit. 

We present for our Audience of One and do not charge a fee.  

We hope to see you soon! 

 Susan, Tom, Claudia, and Marilee

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