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“To the Glory of God” is the title of our program for Spring/Summer/Fall of 2018. It is a look back at some of our favorite sketches and songs.

    Our very first program in 2004 included “Thankful Thursday” about a family trying to complete their weekly Act of Kindness and the first song we sang as LightReaders, which became the theme for our ministry, “I’m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me.” 

    You’ve heard the story of Adam and Eve, but do you know what happened after they left the garden? You might remember the candles that were too afraid to come out and light the house or the touching story of God’s plan to set mankind free in The Birdcage. 

    We certainly enjoy bringing these and other favorites back, and we hope you will, too.

    While it has been our joy to serve the Audience of One through this ministry for fourteen years, 2018 will be our last of traveling with our full-length programs. We are being led to share our love for music and drama in hopes of “passing on the baton” to those who will serve after us.  

     If you wish to schedule a visit during our last Spring/Summer/Fall or our Christmas seasons, you may contact us through the Contact page on this website or at lightreaders@gmail.com or by calling 937-667-6607 to leave a message.

Every word we have said and every song we have sung we did for the glory of God!

We look forward to hearing from you!